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Residential Lawn Care and Pest Control Services in Mica WA

Residential Lawn Care & Pest Control Services
in Mica WA

Mica is a charming neighborhood located within Spokane Valley WA, known for its blend of residential tranquility and natural beauty. 

Offering panoramic views of Spokane, spacious properties, and towering pine trees, this community is what the Pacific Northwest is all about.

With a commitment to excellence and expertise in maintaining healthy, vibrant lawns, Pacific Lawn and Pest ensures that Mica's outdoor spaces thrive year-round.

Our team at Pacific Lawn and Pest recognizes the significance of personalized attention. From precise lawn maintenance to comprehensive pest control, we collaborate closely with residents to ensure their outdoor areas reflect the beauty and essence of this dynamic community.

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Pacific Lawn and Pest

16009 East Trent Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

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Mica WA Residential Lawn Care and Pest Control Services

Here at Pacific Lawn & Pest, we're all about keeping Mica's landscapes looking fantastic, just like your friendly neighbors next door. With our personal touch and commitment to doing things right, we're proud to be part of this wonderful community. Each lawn in Mica has its own unique character, and we're here to make sure they all look their best.

Why Choose Pacific Lawn & Pest

When you go with Pacific Lawn and Pest for your lawn care and pest control needs in Mica WA, you're choosing a team that's all about giving your home and landscape the TLC they deserve. With incredible experience and a commitment to delivering top-notch results, our crew of experts uses eco-friendly solutions to keep your property in tip-top shape. Trusted by the folks in the Mica neighborhood of Spokane Valley, WA, we're known for our reliability and making sure our customers are happy. So, when you pick Pacific Lawn & Pest, you're not just getting a service provider – you're teaming up with professionals who genuinely care about your property and the local environment.

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Lush Lawns & Pest Free Homes

Pacific Lawn and Pest offers expert residential lawn care and pest control services, transforming lawns and eliminating pests.

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