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When Is A Good Time To Fertilize My Lawn?


When To Fertilize Your Lawn

Understanding the right time and method for fertilizing your lawn is essential for its overall health and vitality.

At Pacific Lawn Pest, we recommend fertilizing your lawn up to seven times a year to provide it with the necessary nutrients for optimal growth. The timing of fertilization depends on the type of grass you have. For cool-season grasses, such as those found in spring or fall, and for warm-season grasses, like those in late spring or early summer.

It's important to wait until the soil reaches around 55 degrees Fahrenheit before applying fertilizer. Early morning is an ideal time, as dew helps the fertilizer penetrate the soil effectively. However, avoid fertilizing after heavy rainfall or during drought conditions, as these extremes can affect nutrient absorption.

When the timing is right, evenly apply the fertilizer across your lawn using a lawn spreader for precision. Start by fertilizing the perimeter before filling in the middle, ensuring thorough coverage. Just like mowing, apply fertilizer in straight lines to prevent uneven distribution.

Don't to use too much or too little fertilizer, as both can harm your grass. Once applied, water your lawn to help the fertilizer seep into the soil and prevent it from sitting on the grass blades. By following these steps, you can promote lush, healthy growth for your lawn throughout the year.

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