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Lawn Fertilization Professionals in Spokane, WA

Spokane WA - Spokane Valley WA - Liberty Lake WA - Otis Orchards WA - Newman Lake WA​​

What exactly is the secret to a stunning lawn?

It all starts with proper nourishment.

Your lawn needs essential nutrients for growth that soil just can’t give all on its own.

Fertilizing your lawn plays a key role in lawn care maintenance for the health and aesthetics of your grass.

We use Pacific Northwest blended fertilizers for lawn nourishment and always use eco-friendly applications that are safe for pets and children.

​Let us get to work and give your yard the nutrients it needs to have your Spokane, WA property looking beautiful, lush, and green.

Call Pacific Lawn and Pest today and ask us about our lawn fertilization services.

Team Member applying a residential lawn fertilization service for a client in Liberty Lake WA

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Team Member applying a residential lawn fertilization service for a client in Spokane, WA

Our Comprehensive Lawn Fertilization Services

  • Soil Assessment: The first step is a soil analysis, where we'll examine your property's soil and create the most effective fertilization plan.

  • Seasonal Application: We'll apply a custom mixture of nutrients at the optimal times of the year, ensuring your lawn gets the right nourishment each season.

  • Slow-Release Application: We use slow-release fertilizers that release nutrients gradually, for optimal grass growth.

  • Micro and Macronutrients: Our fertilization programs use a combination of macro and micronutrients to help address any lawn deficiencies. 

  • Weed and Pest Control Treatments: Combined with fertilization, we also have treatments that help prevent weed growth and reduce pest infestations. 

Let us put together an effective fertilization plan for you today!​

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