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Power Raking Services in Spokane

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Over time, lawns can accumulate layers of thatch - a dense, tangled coating of dead grass, roots, and debris that can suffocate your lawn and keep it from getting the nutrients it needs.

At Pacific Lawn & Pest, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lawn.

That's why we offer professional power raking services to remove layers and even years of thatch buildup.

Our professional power raking services are like hitting the reset button for your lawn. We use specialized equipment to gently but effectively strip away all that built-up thatch, 

It's a bit like giving your lawn a deep exfoliation, clearing away the buildup to reveal the fresh, healthy grass underneath. This process helps rejuvenate the lawn, promoting better airflow, nutrient absorption, and overall vitality.

Our professional power raking services are here to rejuvenate your grass and give it a fresh start! Contact us today!

Team Member applying a residential power raking service for a client
Residential Power Raking Dethatching Services

Our Comprehensive Power Raking Services

  • Thatch Removal: Power raking clears out thatch, so your lawn can breathe easy, allowing air, water, and nutrients to thrive.

  • Healthier Grass Growth: With better access to nutrients, your grass can grow deeper, healthier roots.

  • Overseeding: We often pair power raking with overseeding to fill in any bare spots and promote denser grass growth.

  • Year-Round Maintenance: Our power raking services are available whenever you need them, keeping your lawn in exceptional condition.

Revitalize your lawn with our exceptional power raking services, contact us today!

Residential Power Raking Services

Transform your lawn!

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Power Raking vs Dethatching

Over time, your lawn will experience a buildup of organic debris. Both power raking and dethatching are methods that work to remove dead matter and thatch from the surface, allowing your grass’ roots to get more oxygen and nutrients. While dethatching is a fairly gentle process that removes just a thin layer of debris for the lawn’s surface, power raking is a bit more heavy-duty. Typically, if you have more than a half-inch of thatch buildup, we recommend power raking over dethatching.

The lawn care experts at Pacific Lawn & Pest have the equipment and skills needed to provide both of these services with the ultimate goal of improving the health of your lawn.

If you need help deciding which service would better benefit your property, book a consultation with our experts today.

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